2 Things To Remember when Considering In-house SEO

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2 Things To Remember when Considering In-house SEO

If you want to secure an efficient online presence to increase profit and widen your network, you need to make sure that your website is the appropriate representation of your business. It needs to be attractive enough for potential customers to spend time checking it out and it needs to be informative and educational for people to visit it more than once. It needs to be easy enough to navigate so your customers will not have difficulty looking for what they need and they will look forward to make another purchase in the future. All these requirements can be realized through SEO or search engine optimization that many companies are offering nowadays. However, their services do not come cheap and you may have difficulty deciding if you should hire an SEO firm or have an existing employee or team of employees handle SEO for your company website. Here are some of the prime considerations you need to think about before deciding your next step.


  1. SEO has a steep learning curve. The onset of any SEO project requires a lot of time, effort and work, and whoever you will delegate your SEO needs to be knowledgeable, or better yet, proficient in the rudiments of the job. Otherwise, expect results to be delayed because the employee in mind needs to learn a whole lot to begin. You may argue that there are a lot of resources on the Internet nowadays but you have to be aware that not all of the techniques they mention are factual, ethical or effective. The success of a particular tactic may vary in terms of industry and the company’s available resources, and being aggressive in your SEO efforts may actually backfire, as your website may get penalized or removed from search engine pages for good. An existing employee with considerable experience in SEO should be given the job, at least he doesn’t have to start learning from scratch, and he will know which direction to take despite the contradicting resources he may find. He still has to keep himself updated from time to time because there are trends he needs to keep up with to make SEO successful on your website.
  2. There should be someone accountable for the project in general. SEO basically requires the efforts of different departments, which are marketing, IT and sales. The SEO person needs to know which of the marketing strategies are effective for the company and can be translated effectively for their online counterpart so he needs to discuss with Marketing. Sales should provide the leads so the website can tap the appropriate markets. IT, on the other hand, will determine the limits of SEO in terms of technical resources and help out with the final schemes to get the new website up and running. While it is a combined effort, there should be a project manager overseeing all the tasks, and to avoid having the buck passed around when things do not go as they should. The person for this task should not be responsible for any other key task in the company, because more often than not, SEO efforts are often shelved to make way for existing priorities. Find someone who has the leadership skills to bring these departments to work together efficiently. Otherwise, you might be better off outsourcing an SEO firm instead.


SEO is indeed for any company who wants an effective online presence. There are more considerations for in-house SEO, but you always have to remember that it is as important as any other department in your company.


About the author: Liberty Stanton is an SEO expert who has been in the business for a very long time and has mentored a lot of SEO experts over the years.

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