3 Real Estate Apps for House Hunters on the Go

15. June 2015 Blogging 0
3 Real Estate Apps for House Hunters on the Go

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It is definitely a digital age nowadays with everything quick and easy at our fingertips. With smart phones and tablets seemingly permanent fixtures in everyone’s hand nowadays, we want it all accessible now and in an instant. App development has made the world more easily accessible one swipe, dab and tap at a time! With apps for everything from shopping, fitness, car tips to finances and more, you can do a ton of things on your device of choice as well as manage all these zillion things you wish to do.

Real estate apps too have taken the market by storm. House hunting is a long and often times tedious task that takes a lot of time, energy and effort. Home buyers now turn to apps for quick and easy searches that let them access a wealth of information on the go whether they are looking for residential projects in Mumbai or scouring homes in Washington DC. You as a home buyer or even one looking for a rental can find loads of information pertinent to exactly what you need from easily downloadable apps onto your Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and many other devices.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular real estate apps in the market today –

  1. Zillow – Zillow has to be one of the most commonly used real estate apps by house hunters today. It comes in both Android and ios compatible versions, much to the satisfaction of its large number of customers and viewers. Its iPad version in particular is said to be one of the most simple to interact with out there. This app not only gives you the easy option at looking for properties for sale, rent and more in the area of your choice, but also lets you narrow down the search by criteria like number of bed-rooms and bath-rooms, size of the lot, price range, square footage of the property and more. It has its unique ‘zestimate’ function that provides users with a rough guess or estimate of the market value of homes spread across the United States of America. You will also find listings with photos, detailed summaries, maps and the like for viewing and printing purposes. You can even circle the area on the map to mark out which locations you are interesting in looking out. It is a pretty comprehensive app this one.
  1. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms – So, you are looking for a home, and you may be looking at websites, ads and even through various app searches. But what’s the point when half the terms used go straight through your head? Nothing is as frustrating as finding a new abode for yourself when the many real estate terms and lingo leaves you more confused than clear. This app can help you sort through it all. Especially useful for real estate beginners and first time property buyers it can be a godsend when talking to agents, sellers and also when browsing by yourself.
  1. House Hunter – When looking for that perfect home, odds are you will be looking at a ton of properties. After a point it gets more and more confusing about what you have seen and very tedious to take down notes by hand. This app allows you to create files on all the ones you have viewed, enter details and even lets you form a ranking system so you don’t waste time on ones that don’t make the grade.

It is 2013, time to take house hunting and other real estate activities to an easier and faster dimension!

Bio –

Tarini B is a software developer and self-confessed tech geek. She loves reading and writing about the latest developments and loves the fact that you can do everything from look at projects in Mumbai to book a trip to Paris on apps these days. She is currently working on a gaming app of her own.






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