5 Fun Free Chrome Game Apps You Can Download From Chrome Store

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5 Fun Free Chrome Game Apps You Can Download From Chrome Store

Do you want to kill your boredom and have some fun while working on your PC? Open your Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Store. There are many free online games that you can play directly on your browser. Here are 5 fun free Chrome game apps you can download from Chrome Store:

1. Angry Birds

This game is very popular on Android devices, and it is available on Google Chrome. So, if you want to relive the experience of hitting pigs with birds, then Angry Birds is a great game you can play. If you already feel bored with this game, at least you can play on bigger screen for free. Just go to the Google Chrome Store and search for Angry Birds, and you’ll find this game ready to download for free to your browser.

2. Gravity Duck

This is a simple and fun game about a duck that can control gravity. With its cartoonist 2D graphic, you’ll really find this game fun and rewarding to play. The objective is simple. You need to reach the egg in each level by overcoming many spikes on your way. This is where you’ll use your gravity power to ensure that you can reach the egg safely. This is a puzzle game, and in each level, you need to figure out the best way to reach the egg without falling into spikes. Thus, it will be a good exercise for your brain. To find this game, just search for Gravity Duck in the Chrome Store.

3. A Space Shooter For Free

If you love old-school space shooter game, then this is the game for you. The name might sound strange, but yes, this game offers a space shooter game for free to play on your Chrome browser. Experience the fun of shooting swarms of enemies using multiple power ups with old-style gameplay. Destroy all your enemies in order to survive to the next level. This game will help you to kill your boredom quickly. To download this game, just go to the Chrome Store and search for A Space Shooter For Free. You’ll find this game right away.

4. Creatures And Castles

This is another fun and challenging puzzle game that you can play directly on your Chrome browser. As a player, you will be required to avoid obstacles that are coming your way. In each level, you’ll see different and more challenging obstacles for you to beat. You must guide your hero to his destination by creating a passage that is clear from any obstacles. This game might be simple at first, but you’ll find it becoming more difficult as you pass into higher stages. And of course, this is what will make you addicted to this game. Just find this game by searching for Creatures and Castles in your Chrome Store’s search bar.

5. Fieldrunners

This game is actually a classic-style tower-defense game. However, it might be the best tower-defense game that you’ve ever played on your device. The HTML5 version on the Chrome browser is just great. There are many animation going on, and the movement of each character is smooth and really enjoyable to watch. What you need to do is to defense your tower from enemy attacks with whatever means necessary. There will be many tools that you’ll use throughout the game in order to build the best defense strategy for your tower. To find this game, you just need to search for Fieldrunners on the Chrome Store and you’ll be able to play it right away.

Those are 5 fun free chrome game apps that you can download from Chrome Store. So, if you’re feeling bored when you’re working on your PC, just fire up your Chrome browser and start playing those games. You’ll have better mood afterwards.

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