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Road trips are great fun.  Being part of motorcycle tours in Thailand will give you a life experience that may wish to recount every day.  The enchanting mountains and the alluring valleys, the gripping shorelines and the mesmerizing woods are sights that will enthrall you.

But plying the roads is not the peak of the fun.  Biking prepared is the experience itself.  Today, there are many amazing iOS apps that suit your every need along the way.

Interestingly, these apps could best be described as your companion.  The reason is that you can never do without them if truly you want an amazing road experience.  It is said in life, every road at one point or the other must hit a bend.  Only those who know their destination from their starting point can brave it further.

Today, you can know your destination before setting off.  All thanks to these amazing piece of technology.  Call them your companion.  Call them your tourist guide.  Call them your guardian angel.  You are never wrong.  They provide you with the necessary and of course, the needed information you may find indispensable en route your simple or gutsy tour.

Some of those amazing iOS that add to the fun and convenience of your road tour in Thailand include:

  1. Waze Free (IOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Waze allows a crowd-sourced navigation app that allows you to check out information about traffic, possible collision and other information real-time from other Waze users.  With it, information about road hazards, road accidents, and other safety information will be handy for you.   While you can receive all these information on the go, you can as well use give information about the road condition for the use of other Waze users.

  1. Drivvo (Android, iOS: Free)

Drivvo (Android, iOS) serves you as your maintenance logbook.  With it, you can get information about fuel consumption, odometer reading, necessary repairs and maintenance that will aid you to have a safe tour.  The app gives information like you gas top-ups.

It can as well be used as a reminder about needed repairs and servicing.  Furthermore, this app is free and ad-supported.  So, when you hit the road with an app that gives you all the information you need for your tour, it makes your adventure hassle-free and fun-filled.

  1. Roadtrippers (Android, iOS):

This app is almost an indispensable part of your tour planning.  It helps your road trip planning.  It gives you the basic information you may stand in need of such as hotel locations.

Yes, every tourist must at some time along the journey have a need for a place to rest.  It contains other information such as restaurants, parks, other enchanting tourist attractions including playground, gardens, coastlines, and much more.

  1. INRIX ParkMe (Android, iOS: Free)

One major concern for most tourists is finding a parking space in a city away from home.  With INTRIX Park Me app, you may not have anything to worry about concerning where you park your cars or bikes.  This free app helps you to search for nearby parking space.

It gives you information about the location, through a location sensor.  Also, with this app, information about parking rates and other information you may stand in need of along your way.

  1. Automatic (Android, iOS: $99.95 per device)

When your car suddenly develops an untraceable fault midway, it turns a happy journey into a sort of nightmare.  What then can you do?  Smart guys go for a smart device like Automatic (Andriod, iOS: $99.95 per device).

With it you installed in your car’s diagnostic port, the dongle wireless once paired with the Automatic app gives you information about the state of your car on the move.  The device can avail you information such as driving habits.

Also, it can give you other information such as speed limits warning, fuel levels and even call for emergency assistance in the event that a crash occurs.  Amazing! You’d say.

So when next you hit the road, plan around your safety and comfort by getting all these amazing iOS apps.  They add fun and peace of mind to your adventure.

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