How to Successfully Integrate an Ecommerce Platform into Your Website

22. November 2016 Tips 0
How to Successfully Integrate an Ecommerce Platform into Your Website

Due to the rise of online ecommerce shops, shopping has never been easier and more convenient. Now you can sit down on the couch and surf the web, with thousands of choices at your disposal. Once you select your item from the many ecommerce websites online, all you need to do is check it against your budget for that particular item and click the “add to cart” button.

In the past, shopping was a much more involved endeavor, and required shoppers to go from one store to another just to find an item they are looking for. Now, shopping is easier and more accessible, and the internet has proven to be a great marketplace where almost all kinds of enterprises can be found.

If you are a blossoming entrepreneur, using an ecommerce platform is one of the best places you can promote and sell your products and services. People are very used to the idea of online shopping, so you will likely able to find your target audience on the Internet. However, as other entrepreneurs will also be able to leverage the Internet and ecommerce, you need to figure out a way to stand out online.

How do you do this?

The answer is to provide a great user experience to your target audience and present the finest website layout and design. You should also follow the tips below to make sure that your ecommerce store is set up as effectively as possible.

Showcase the best features of your products.

Provide your potential customers and clients information they need to know about your product and service offerings so that they can make an informed decision. Also make sure to write product copy that makes these offerings sound accessible and attractive to people browsing your website.

.Your audience must find you trustworthy.

One of the things to watch out for when partaking in online selling and shopping is the presence of scammers and fake websites. Make sure to brand your site appropriately and build consumer trust so that people browsing your website believe you are a reliable shopping partner.

Improve your logo.

A visitor’s first impression on your ecommerce shop will ultimately determine whether or not they end up browsing your offerings. Your logo is a key step in this decision. Make sure that your logo has synergy with your brand and that it builds a lasting impression to your customers. Also make sure that it adds to your ecommerce store looking reliable and trustworthy.

Offer them good deals.

Good deals attract almost all customers. Freebies and discounts will go a long way attracting new customers and maintaining your product and service offerings. Play into impulsive buying habits by offering free gifts with products or promotional codes on future purchases.

Show them your hottest products

People are always looking for something new when they buy. Make sure to give them what they want to see based on their buying habits on your website and give them plenty of options. Indecisive customers often find it easier to choose what product or service they want to have when they have options of some of the hottest product offerings.

State your mode of payment.

As a business person, you have to go extra miles in knowing the preferred payment system for your customers. Be clear with the payment details, methods, and options. Most ecommerce stores accept all major credit cards and PayPal, although you can expand the ways you collect payment depending on your industry and client base.

Give your contact information.

Whether it is through your website chat box, social media or a business phone number, you need to make your customer service accessible for your customers. They might have questions about your product or service offerings before actually clicking on the “buy product” button. So be ready to entertain their queries at all times and make sure that you have customer service representatives and phone coverage to answer these questions.

Get e-commerce trustmarks.

What are e-commerce trustmarks? These are like accreditation certificates implying that your website is legitimate and it is safe to access it. These go a long way in ensuring consumer trust on your website.


The most important thing that you should remember is to keep your list of products or services clear by providing complete details and images. Follow these and your online ecommerce store will attract the right kind of customers who will help your build your business to new heights.

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