Make your blog popular in 2013: off-page SEO

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Make your blog popular in 2013: off-page SEO

It is perhaps at this point that the questions are more important after the recent Google updates. Create links to your blog so that it is perceived as off-page SEO is too popular in the eyes of Google. The number of quality links pointing to a site makes it possible for Google to determine whether the site is “trustworthy.” The more you have the right links and the better your SEO.
Before explaining where to get links, keep in mind that again you must be natural. It is therefore very important to create various links with various anchors and regular, short, it should look spontaneous.

Directories and press release sites

You can start creating links to directories and press release sites. Focus primarily on those who already have the bottle, they have already gone through several Google updates without penalty, it is a good sign.

When you use these platforms, you must not think “respect the rules of submission” but “create quality content.” Do not hesitate to far exceed the number of words required to place your links in the middle of long texts and quality.

Social networks

In its definition of the popularity of a blog, Google also takes into account social signals. If for each new release you get to generate likes, tweets, more & co, referencing your articles will get better. So you must look into it and you try to create a community that shares your articles.

You also need to create high-quality content is the best way to encourage your visitors to share.

Guest Posting

Another way to get links from high quality is guest blogging – Articles guests. Go to publish an article on a popular blog on your niche is not very complicated. You just have to propose an article a little bit unique and interesting content for bloggers willing to publish it.

The links that you place items in these guests are very good because they are placed in the middle of a text on a blog that deals with a similar theme to yours and not hundreds of outgoing links all articles.

Link baiting

Link baiting strategy is to create good quality content that will – by its quality – naturally receive links. In practice you can write sharp items, be patient (it takes time to be cited as a reference) and focus on the fact that your quality content will be recognized.

You mentioned, for example in forums by making a link to one of your articles, you will be listed in tops (type X items of the week) or even better: you will be well optimized in the middle of link an article. Regardless of where these link, they are 100% natural since acquired without even having requested.

Few bloggers put on this strategy because it seems almost impossible to achieve. While it does not pay in the short term, force yourself to always give real value to your articles and you will be recognized at one time or another. When it falls spontaneous links to other bloggers you will play an important role in improving your SEO.

In the strategy of link building I have not talked about blog comments, signatures in forums or digg-like. All links are good to take to change your profile but I’ve never built an entire SEO strategy on these links there. I know some interesting results and other bad memories of Google penalties.

See for yourself so what types of links you want to create. Generally think users (readers) and natural. Google is becoming more effective detect and penalize what is natural and what is not useful to users. The more you seek to go in the right direction and the better your SEO.

Author Bio: Neo is an active full-time blogger; Apart from blogging he has written many articles on various categories and recently found a passion to write about SEO and Social Media. He maintains a blog to share exclusive and latest updates on SEO Platform.

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