Send Cards Online and Take the Frustration Out of Those Long Mailing Lists

29. January 2016 Tips 0
Send Cards Online and Take the Frustration Out of Those Long Mailing Lists

Weddings, special birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers are just some of the events that most people celebrate in a big way. The preparations for these types of celebrations are long and tiring, but most times worth it, to make sure that the big day is a total success for all of those involved, including the invited guests.

One would think that after the big day, everyone could relax after all their hard work, but there is always one more thing to do after a big celebration, and that is the long and arduous job of sending thank you cards to everyone who made the success of the occasion possible. However, this is the one thing about a special celebration that should be neither long nor arduous. Where it would normally take you days on end to write out and mail hundreds of thank you notes to family, friends, and guests, you can now send cards online, quickly, easily and efficiently, and still be smiling afterwards, when the job is done.

What It Is and How It Works

Make use of a new idea called Postable and solve the problem of writing out hundred of thank you cards by hand and mailing them yourself. It is the easy way to send individually written cards to as many people as you like. With this system, you have fun writing out your thank you notes, with different messages if you like, and then Postable does the rest of the work for you, by printing out your cards, and then sending them to your recipients directly, on your behalf.

Basically, Postable allows you to create your own address book, at no charge to you whatsoever, for you to use when you need to send cards online. The great thing about this address book is that your friends and family members fill out their own addresses, so you know that the mailing information that you have for them, is definitely correct, and not incomplete or outdated, as is very often the case.

The Cards

The range of cards that are available for you to choose from are stunning, and of excellent quality too, because they been designed by some of the top independent designers in the country. Even better still, is the fact that the cards, because they are made from 100% cotton, recycled paper, or paper that is tree-free, are eco-friendly too, so you will be doing your bit to help save our ailing environment as well.

The Personal Touch

Not everything on the Internet has that cold, impersonal feel about it. Postable’s cards allow you to use a range of special fonts, one of which is a very realistic looking handwriting font, to give your thank you notes that really personal look and feel, which your recipients will love.

The Bottom Line

Have fun doing all the long and hard preparations for your special celebration, enjoy the celebration itself, and then have even more fun and enjoyment by using Postable to send beautiful thank you cards online quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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