The Best Web Programming Languages

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The Best Web Programming Languages

There are dozens of languages that the biggest websites of the world use today for coding their web applications. Learning a set of languages is always recommended for anyone looking for a job in the programming field. Experts advise that you must learn quite a few languages and keep learning them over time because with time the old languages become obsolete and to stay active in the field, you must have knowledge of at least half a dozen. To start your career in the field you can know about the most commonly used languages for programming web.

Web Programming LanguagesThe use of words “commonly used languages” means the most popular and famous languages. For anyone looking to start a career in the programming field, these are the best languages because they give a newcomer the chance to get a job in a company. These languages are used commonly because they make programming a better experience and are better suited for niches they are used in. For example, if a particular language is commonly used in coding the client side it means that this language best suits to handle the queries of client side. Another language could be used in its place but that would be a little less efficient.

The Best Programming Languages

  1. PHP is the first name you will be recommended by professionals to learn before you even think of jumping in the field of web programming. This is one of the most popular, famous and loved language of programmers for coding the server side. If you didn’t know, 75% website servers in the world are currently using this language for the queries handled on server ends. The most famous websites of the world use this language and Wikipedia is one of them. It is considered as one of the fastest languages so using it on your website could easily make your website fast and quick.
  2. Next is one of the best scripting languages and its name is JavaScript. Many people confuse the term with Java but they are two different things and you can easily learn the difference by researching on the internet. JavaScript is known for making the websites and web pages interactive. Hence, JavaScript plays an important role in the experience of users on the website. While being a scripting language, it is also one of the best languages for creating interactive websites. The support for JavaScript comes from jQuery, another language which forms the framework of JavaScript.
  3. PERL – this language has lived some good days but isn’t much famous now. The best thing this language has been doing is processing text. You could have hard time finding another language that could process text as briskly as this language does. It could be called an optional language to learn but learning it could still add great value to your resume because there are still companies making use of this language and text processing is still an important aspect of web programming. Furthermore, there are websites for which text processing is of primary importance.
  4. Another one of the best object oriented languages used on both, the client and server side, is Ruby. Some of the most famous commerce platforms on the internet are using this language for their web applications. The way this language executes is pretty much similar to how PHP does but it is a pity that the language is completely different from PHP: therefore, if you know PHP, it doesn’t mean you know anything about Ruby.

Python, ASP. Net and MySQL are some more popular names that you can name as the best programming languages. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these are the best ones of their time since we could have a completely different set of languages after a decade. If you love your programming skills and language knowledge so much that you don’t think these languages will be gone one day, just remember that it has already happened and is still happening as you read this sentence.

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