Things to Think About When Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines

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Things to Think About When Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines

When you are building your website two things are extremely important, the content that is on your site and getting relevant traffic to your site. There are two ways you can get relevant traffic. You can pay for it or you can get it through using Search Engine Optimization methods. We’ll discuss ways you can get traffic using Search Engine Optimization in this article. It is important to know how to drive free traffic to your website because if you know how to do that you will always be able to get traffic to your site, no matter how much money you have to spend.

Search Engine Optimization has to do with making your website rank high in search engines. This means you want search engines to think your website is an authority on the term you want people to associate with your website. Whether you are marketing small business crm software or selling widgets, you need to optimize your website properly to get relevant free traffic to your website. There are two things that contribute to SEO success. One is having your keyword in strategic places on the website itself. The other one is having the keyword in the anchor text of the inbound links.

In order to get positive results from Search Engine Optimization, you need to have the keyword you are focusing on appear in your web copy. If you were marketing small business crm software, you would want those terms to appear in the title, header and in the body of the text. You have to have the keyword in your web copy or the search engine won’t recognize your website as an authority for your chosen keyword.

It is also important to have your chosen keyword appear in the links you get from other sites. In keeping with our current example, if you are selling small business crm software, you want all links to your site to be hyperlinked with the words, “small business crm software.” This gives search engines a much clearer idea of what your website is about. Using “click here” or “click this site” doesn’t tell search engines much about your site at all.

Some keywords will be more difficult to rank because they are shorter. The previous keyword example had three words in it, something that’s known as “long tail keywords,” which are easier to rank for than shorter ones. By example, a more difficult ranking to get would be “ecommerce CRM,” which has more searches and a higher competitive rate than the previous keyword. To get difficult keywords like this to rank, you’ll want to nest authority content, combined with social signals and some valuable links pointing into the content from reference sites, which creates something called “citation flow” that Google and other search engines use to rank the quality and authority of a website.

The bottom line is that your website needs traffic and content. Without either, your website will not generate the results you want. It is important to be constantly adding fresh content to your website. Without fresh timely content, search engines will not have a reason to visit your site. Yes, this is a time consuming project. However, you don’t want your website to just sit and collect virtual dust, do you? You don’t have to create all of the content yourself if writing isn’t your thing. You can always outsource that part of your business to someone who is better at writing than you are. It really doesn’t matter who creates the content as long as you get fresh, high quality content on your site. Good content will help you get relevant traffic. It will also help you get repeat visitors and ultimately paying customers. That is the end game after all, right?


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