Web Hosting Reviews – Which hosting is best and Cost Effective?

14. December 2015 Web Hosting 0
Web Hosting Reviews – Which hosting is best and Cost Effective?

If you got to the point when you need to choose the right hosting company to purchase a domain or a dedicated server, a proper list with the positive and negative aspects of some of the most popular web hosting companies would come in handy. First of all, it depends on what are you aiming for. Some companies offer great prices at domain hosting while going high with the dedicated server offers. But the price only means a small percentage of what webhosting means. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. For example, there are companies out there that offer domain hosting for $9 per month while others do it for $5 per month. And the funny thing is that the cheaper companies are often providing better services. Why is that happening? Well, the new companies that are fresh on the market are willing to gain much profit really fast.

This can be done by pumping up the prices. However, they don’t concern too much about security measures and customer support, so the clients often get a website that has about 70% uptime due to constant server crashes. Of course that nobody wants to be a customer for such a company, but things like this have happened and will always happen. Instead, you should try to concentrate more on older companies, like hostgator, godaddy or iPage. Bluehost is also pretty good at services offered but the price is not the lowest. The next thing you need to look for is how easy is to create a website. If you’re an experienced coder you can write your own HTML & CSS and upload the files via FTP. On the other hand, if you’re not familiar with web design, you need a hosting company that allows you to create a website in a fast and easy way. Hostgator promo code and iPage are popular for their friendly website creating tool. Many users were amazed how easy it is to create the page of your dreams in just a few minutes.

As a customer it is important to have access to a 24/7 support team, just in case that something goes wrong. Most of the new webhosting websites have poor feedback due to their lack of customer support. Users complained that it took more than 24 hours for their issue to be fixed. Just imagine that you own a big company. By having a downtime of 24 hours, you can lose many clients and a lot of money. So what can you do? For the beginning, purchase the services of a webhosting company for no more than 1 year. Then, if everything went well, you can extend the deal. Many people purchase something like a 3-year webhosting pack from a relatively fresh company; in this case, you have a great chance of losing money without obtaining high quality services. Remember, as I mentioned earlier, if a company offers high prices it doesn’t mean that it offers excellent services. There might be companies that work after this principle, but they are hard to find. Hostgator coupons can also save you huge on hostgator hosting.

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